For optimal selection of Spa treatments and physical activity in the gym and fitness room, you will be advised by a doctor-coordinator. Wellness club "Vostok" offers a European model of medical control.

Functional diagnostics - one of the most important methods of functional research in fitness. Its task is to prevent the development of adverse or fatal complications during physical activity and Spa procedures.the functional diagnostics Room of the Vostok Wellness club is filled with advanced diagnostic equipment.

CardioVisor evaluates the current stress stress, the state of the cardiovascular system.

Veloergometer allows you to perform load tests in a wide range from the minimum to the maximum portable.

Scales-analyzer  determine: the percentage of fat tissue in the body, the mass of fat tissue, the mass of non-fat tissue, muscle mass and basal metabolic rate (the minimum amount of energy consumed by the human body to maintain its own life at rest; this energy is spent on breathing, blood circulation and digestion of food). Scales-analyzer allows you to separately evaluate the body composition separately for the right and left hands, right and left feet.

POLA heart rate monitorsR an important tool for a Wellness club doctor. This is a new approach to planning daily training loads, depending on the current functional state of the body; it allows you to correctly build training sessions, achieve your goals faster.

Spirometer - designed to measure the vital capacity of the lungs.

Stanovoy dynamometer  it will determine the static endurance of the extensor muscles of the trunk, their condition and physical capabilities.

By means brush Dynamometer the doctor will determine the muscle strength of the hands.

Based on the results of the survey, you will be recommended a targeted individual Wellness program.

An objective assessment of the functional state of Your body and the optimal range of individually selected services guarantee a quick and visible long-term result.

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