Group training

Group training  —  these are a variety of training programs that are conducted under the guidance of a fitness instructor in a group.

Instructors of group programs will help you to relieve fatigue and tension, teach you to move rhythmically in incendiary aerobics classes, show you how to find harmony and feel your body in yoga and pilates classes, teach you to move gracefully and plastically in dance classes.

When purchasing a club card, you will be provided with: 

* A set of towels, an individual box for undressing, a box for storing valuables. 
* Unlimited use of the gym and group programs. 
* Introductory instruction on fitness programs. 
* Monthly fitness testing. 
* Mineral water in coolers. 
* When buying a universal fitness card as a GIFT, back massage, diagnostics.
* When purchasing a daily fitness card as a GIFT, diagnostics is provided. 
* When you buy a personal training class (10 classes) as a GIFT, a classic back massage.

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