Gym  - territory that is equipped with various types of exercise equipment and sports equipment for daily sports. Visiting the gym has become a healthy lifestyle style for many. Strengthen your health and give your body a beautiful shape with the help of power loads - the main task of those who come to the gym.

The hall of the Vostok Wellness club is equipped with the latest generation of fitness equipment - Life Fitness.

Life Fitness – brand #1 in the world of simulators (produced in the USA).

The unique Academy of Life Fitness – a scientific center created specifically for large-scale research in the field of fitness and the development of training methods-is engaged in calculations of ergonomics of equipment.

Equipment Life Fitness today the passengers of the largest and most luxurious cruise ship in the world are enjoying it – Queen Mary 2.

With the help of life Fitness simulators, 12 teams of the National hockey League and 11 teams of the National basketball Association maintain perfect physical shape.

The gym is divided into 4 zones:

- Free weights area with a full set of dumbbell rows, barbell and stand for weight training;

- Personal training zone;

- The zone of power simulators is represented by expander-type simulators for different groups of muscles of the human body. The expander type simulator allows you to conduct training with rehabilitation, post-traumatic stress in a gentle mode, which eliminates injury to joints and ligaments. For optimal choice of physical activity in the gym and fitness room, you will be advised by a coordinator doctor in the functional diagnostics room;

- Cardiotheater. It includes multi-functional running tracks and elliptical cross-country simulators with modes:

  • fat burning
  • < li>cardio mode< / li>
  • "reverse" function»
  • interval program of high-intensity training with a hitch - for figure correction

For guests of the Grand hotel Vostok, access to the gym is free of charge.

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