Injection cosmetology

The popularity of injections is due to the fact that the desired result can be achieved without surgical manipulation. Injections are made in the surface layers of the skin or in the muscles. The effect lasts from a couple of weeks to several years.

Contour plastic - the leading technique used to correct wrinkles, facial contour completely or its individual sections. To do this, fillers are used, allowing you to model the face with the protection of its features.

Cosmetologists Of the Wellness club "Vostok" always carefully monitor the cleanliness and sterility of offices, tools and devices. 

We use only licensed and certified products!

Before the procedure, work surfaces, as well as hands  they are treated with special antiseptics. Doctors wear disposable gloves. After each guest in the office, sheets, napkins, towels are changed, and a wet cleaning of the office is carried out. 

After the procedure, the tools are treated with a de-solvent, then washed with running water and dried, then placed in a dry Cabinet, which is sterilized tools at a temperature of 130-180 degrees, thus the final stage of treatment - thermal disinfection.

Your safety is our priority.

Full-time consultation with a cosmetologist is required. The consultation is free of charge.

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