Viennese Coffee House

Viennese coffee house is a truly unique place in the city, made in the style of nobility and luxury. In the menu you will find a wide variety of desserts, coffee of your own blending, which has become not only the hallmark of the coffee shop, but also really loved by the residents of our beautiful city!

We will add to the advantages of the coffee shop a cozy interior, designed in warm colors and a pleasant environment that disposes to a good conversation over a Cup of coffee.

We independently blend coffee for the "Viennese coffee House", having tried many brands and taste combinations, we decided that we wanted to create our own flavor, the hallmark of our coffee house.
So that Your Cup of coffee has not only a perfect taste and unique aroma, but also a piece of art with great love, presented to You from the "Grand hotel Vostok"!

The coffee shop is open around the clock. Купить

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