Nowadays, it is rare to meet a woman who does not take care of herself and does not turn to the services of a cosmetologist. Today cosmetology is not only the solution of skin problems and the elimination of various aesthetic disorders - it is a manifestation of love and respect for your health.

What is really important for you: deep diagnostics, elimination of wrinkles, fight against pigmentation and rashes, facelift, reduction of centimeters in the waist, detox of the body, skin renewal, healthy complexion, purity and flawless radiance of the skin? Our cosmetologists will take care of the beauty of your skin!

Wellness club "Vostok" offers you a wide range of professional skin care services: injection cosmetology, contouring, chemical peels, massages, complexes of aesthetic and hardware procedures, both for women and men. Records are kept by our highly qualified cosmetologists and dermatologist, trichologist, nutritionist.

Your safety is our priority in our work! We use only licensed and certified.

These services are provided by Medical Technologies LLC. Medical license LO-02-01-004379

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