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A gift certificate is a gift that is becoming increasingly popular. Wellness club "Vostok" offers you to use a system of gift certificates that meets the most refined tastes, wishes and budget.

A gift certificate is an unforgettable and unusual gift for your loved ones. Give your loved ones, relatives or colleagues a trip to the world of beauty, health and comfort! You no longer need to think about choosing a gift and worry whether you will like it. Of course, you will like it! This gift will be special and will be remembered for a long time. After all, the certificate holder will be able to choose the procedures they are interested in in our club. We are happy to offer you a comprehensive approach to finding beauty and health, develop an individual Wellness or relaxation program, enjoy luxury SPA rituals, massage in more than 10 techniques of execution, masters will offer effective programs for the care of the face, hair, hands and feet. In addition, a gift certificate is simply an irreplaceable corporate gift. If You care about a healthy climate in your team, if you want your valuable employees and employees to look great-reward your team for hard working days with a beautiful vacation in our club! Stylish design of the gift certificate will save You from having to take care of a decent gift package.


Order a certificate from the Wellness club Manager and we will deliver it at a convenient time and place for You. The delivery cost is 200 rubles. We appreciate Your time! Delivery in Sterlitamak is carried out when purchasing a certificate from 10,000 rubles.

The gift certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Certificate - any desired value
Registration takes 2-5 minutes
Cash and non-cash payments are possible
When choosing a service for an amount greater than the nominal value, the certificate holder can pay the difference.
If you choose a service for an amount less than the nominal value, the certificate can be used further within the remaining amount and validity period.
The difference is not compensated in monetary terms.
The certificate cannot be returned or exchanged.
You can buy a gift certificate of the Vostok Wellness club at the Lima RB flower shop. At 33 Chernomorskaya street.

Wellness club "Vostok" is a fascinating world in which we are interested to live and work, sharing our skills and professionalism with You. We welcome every new Guest and appreciate that once you come to the club, you remain our good, loyal friends! Buy

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